SKF Lubrication Systems & Tools


SKF offers lubrication products that help to increase your equipment’s uptime and productivity.

Their products cover a variety of categories ranging from specialized lubricants to modern lubrication systems.

The company fuses its knowledge of seals, bearings and condition monitoring with its expertise in tribology – the science and engineering of interacting surfaces in relative motion, or, in other words, friction, lubrication and wear.


SKF’s lubricant line covers a variety of lubrication needs. These include grease for general purpose industrial and automotive use, high load and extreme pressure applications, along with low temperature and high speed use.

They also offer food compatible and biodegradable grease, high performance and high temperature grease and grease for extreme temperatures and extreme conditions. In addition, they sell oils designed to meet the requirements of many industrial chain applications.

Manual lubrication tools

SKF also sells numerous products for applying lubrication by hand.

Products in this line include grease packers and grease guns that are available with a one-hand operating feature as well as grease guns powered by batteries for use in hard-to-reach places.

They also sell grease filler pumps and grease pumps, oil levelers and handling containers and bearing packers. In addition, they offer accessories for these manual grease lubrication tools, including disposable grease resistant gloves, grease meters, nozzles, nipples and fitting caps and tags.

Lubrication systems

Not looking to apply lubrication grease and liquids by hand? SKF also produces full lubrication systems.

These are available in several configurations, including single- and multi-point automatic lubricators, single-, dual- and multi-line systems, progressive systems, circulating systems and oil and air lubrication systems. SKF also offers lubrication systems designed to use a minimum quantity of lubricant.

Lubricant system components

SKF also provides accessories and components for their lubrication systems.

They offer pumps and pumping units, minimal quantity lubrication units, oil and air units, lubricant disrupters, flowmeters and metering units. Also for sale from SKF are monitoring devices, control units, valves, filters and accessories such as fittings and tubing.

Lubricant management tools

SKF also has products that make it easier to control lubricant systems.

These include a test kit for grease and oil check monitor, as well as more advanced solutions such as SKF’s lubrication planner, its DialSet tool for quickly and accurately calculating relubrication and its VisioLub software for maintaining chain lubrication systems.

Quality assured

SKF stands by the quality of all its products. The company designs and tests each lubrication solution to ensure they outperform in real-world conditions. Their products undergo strict quality control measures in each and every production batch to ensure consistent performance.