Ryco Hydraulic Wire Braided Hoses

Ryco is a global manufacturer of hydraulic hoses, couplings and fittings.The company has been in business for more than 60 years. Their research and development efforts are focused on making better products and creating new technologies that can be applied to fluid conveying systems.

Rycoproduces a wide range of hydraulic hoses to match different hydraulic needs. They’re built under tight quality control and match or beat major technical standards.

They offer several lines of hoses for a variety of uses.

One Wire Braid

Ryco manufactures a line of one wire braid hoses. Their size inside diameter ranges from 3/16 to 2 inches. These are constructed using synthetic rubber tubes with options for polyester inner braid and a thin, non-skive black cover.

They’re recommended for applications such as high pressure, medium to high temperature hydraulic oil lines; fuel lines and airbrake lines as well as fire suppression systems.

Two Wire Braid

Ryco’s two wire braid hoses range in size inside diameter from ¼ to 2 ½ inches. They are also designed for use in high pressure hydraulic oil lines, high temperature and high pressure oil lines and hydraulic jack applications.

The hoses are built with synthetic rubber tubes and thin non-skive covers or a thin cover with an exterior protection layer.


Ryco’smultispiral hose line is available in size inside diameter of either 3/8 or ¾ to 2 inches. The hoses are made for very high and extremely high pressure hydraulic oil lines. They have extremely abrasion resistant exterior protection layers or very high abrasion resistant covers.

The products in this hose line are built with synthetic rubber tubing and feature four or six wire spirals.


The isobaric hoses built by Rycoare meant for high and extremely high pressure hydraulic oil lines. Many of the models in this line can withstand a constant working pressure (isobaric) of 215 bar (or 3,100 psi) in all offered sizes.

Constructed with synthetic rubber tubes, these products offer one, two or multiple braids of high tensile steel wire. They come in a size inside diameter from ¼ to 2 inches.

Other hoses

Ryco manufactures numerous other hoses including teflon, suction andreturn, pressure washer, LPG, textile andthermoplastic hoses.

These hoses can be used for applications including automotive air condition and refrigeration, low pressure fuel lines, anti-freeze solutions, water, LPG and natural gas, petroleum oils, kerosene, hot water pressure, air and hydraulic oil suction.

Hose covers

Ryco makes a variety of hose covers. Their features include abrasion resistance, flame resistance, high temperature resistance, multi-fluid compatibility and cracking resistance.