Lincoln Automatic Lubrication System & Flow Pump


Lincoln offers a line of automatic lubrication products. These include single-line, dual line, progressive and other systems built and designed by Lincoln to protect production equipment and machinery from damage.

Centro-Matic Lubrication Systems

This line of Lincoln products offers single-line parallel automatic lubrication systems for grease and oil. The systems can work with a single machine, different zones on multiple machines and several separate machines.

The central pump station will automatically distribute lubricant through one supply line to the ejectors, regardless of the application. Each injector services just a single lubrication point, while the lubricant can be carefully adjusted to ensure that just the right amount of grease or oil is delivered as required.

The Centro-Matic systems can work with air-operated, electric, manual or hydraulic pumps. They’re simple to install and maintain, and are powerful pumps for use in large-scale systems. The systems’ injectors are also externally adjustable to ensure the correct amount of lubricant.

Centro-Matic Plug-and-Play Pump

One new Lincoln product in this line is the P653S Centro-Matic Plug-and-Play Pump. This compact pump is the first-ever pump from Lincoln that includes reservoir, pressure switch or transducer, vent valve, low level detect and controller. Its all-in-one construction cuts down system design along with installation costs.

This integrated pump uses Centro-Matic injectors to supply lubricant to a single-line parallel lubrication system. It can also pump greases of both low- and high-velocity, including NLGI grade 2 grease.

Hydraulic FlowMaster Models

Lincoln’s Centro-Matic product line also includes four models of the hydraulic FlowMaster lubrication pump. This lets you pick from models providing a manual override valve to check system operation, components with chrome plating to withstand severe conditions and models for low-temperature applications to -60 degrees Fahrenheit.

12-volt Reel ‘n Flow Pump and Reel Kit

This Lincoln product meets the needs of mobile service equipment applications. The Kit includes Lincoln’s 12 VDC FlowMaster Pump and LFR High-Pressure Hose Reel.

SL-V XL High-Output Injectors

This injector is made for use with Lincoln’s Centro-Matic automatic lubrication system. It can be used in most applications that demand significant output per cycle. Its features include a watertight clear protective cap and visual bypass filter.