Lincoln Industrial Heavy Duty Pumps

Lincoln Industrial is a manufacture of leading heavy-duty pumping products that have become known in the automotive maintenance sector and in general industry.

The company has been operating for more than a century and develops its products and systems at facilities in the United States, German and India.

It is based on St. Louis, Mississippi and offers worldwide service, with five technical support centres around the globe.

Lincoln’s product line includes pumps, pump stations and accessories for adhesives, sealants, printing inks and other heavy materials that can be tricky to pump.

PowerMaster III

Lincoln’s PowerMaster III pump comes in numerous design options from carbon steel to hard chrome plated. It has only five moving parts, and has been designed for no metal-to-metal contact, which prevents wear and tear and gives it a longer usage life. The PowerMaster III is available for fitting in any size of drum or pall.

PileDriver III

Another heavy pump product from Lincoln is the PileDriver III. This pump is driven by an air motor that is fully pneumatic. It offers a simpler reverse stroke direction without mechanical linkages. It is available with a choice of inlets tailor for thick material or higher flow rates. The PileDriver III is a modular construction allowing the easy installation, maintenance and upgrading of air motors.


Lincoln’s Hydro-PowerMaster hydraulic motor is designed for use with PowerMaster III and PileDriver III pump tubes. The Hydro-PowerMaster can be deployed and is safe to use with electric or pneumatic motors that may pose a risk of hazard. Any worries about air supply condition and exhaust emissions are nearly eliminated with this motor, which generates high material pressure and flow rate in an efficient manner with minimal hydraulic power consumption.

PowerMaster II

The PowerMaster II Pump is a Lincoln product built strong to provide years of hassle-free and dependable use – and low operating costs. Its plunger and brushing is constructed from hardened steel, offering a high level of wear resistance. The PowerMaster II features a modular design that is simplified and allows easy disassembly.