The Ins and Outs of Hydraulic Valve Repair

The valves in a hydraulic system are vital to ensuring its smooth and reliable operation. At Rush Hydraulic we have the expertise to repair problematic hydraulic valves. We service brands such as SKF, Bosch and Lincoln.Hydraulic Valve

There are several types of valves that all work together in unison to keep a hydraulic system safely humming:

  • Pressure relief valve. This valve acts as a safety device, and if it fails then the system can overheat or go without necessary pressure levels.
  • Directional control valve. This can break down and fail to shift directions properly, not hold loads or even leak.
  • Load holding valve. This valve has two purposes: keeping a cylinder in place of the hose below it should break (preventing the cylinder from falling loose and causing damage) and keeping a load in the air and locking it in its proper place.
  • Counterbalance valve. Also known as an over centre valve, these valves can drop a load if they are damaged through internal leaking.
  • Flow control valve. If these break then they will let too much fluid into the system, which will lead to a troublesome imbalance.

As is the case with nearly all hydraulic components, valves are vulnerable to internal wear. They have a tight tolerance so that oil cannot leak, but this tolerance can also be susceptible to damage. Many valves do not use rubber seals, but rather have a metal-on-metal sealing that can degrade. Whether the valve has a metal-on-metal seal, or uses a rubber seal, one underlying fact remains: valves will wear out over time from use.

Here at Rush we pride ourselves on getting the job done right. And that promise extends to our work repairing hydraulic valves.Hydraulic valves are among the most tricky hydraulic components to repair and remanufacture. But we’re sensitive to the small details that can spell doom for an improperly fixed valve.

Rush will take all the proper steps when repairing a broken or underperforming valve, including completely disassembling the valve, precisely boring valve spools to their proper fit and making sure the valve seats and poppets will fit your hydraulic system.

We know how important it is to correctly repair valves. If a valve isn’t fixed the right way, the most common resulting failure is that it will be unable to hold the load it was meant to hold. Other performance problems include failing to move to a downward position from an upright position, as the valve is designed to; and not relieving pressure when needed, a fault that can impair the entire hydraulic system.

So bring your aging or damaged hydraulic valve to the dedicated team of experts at Rush. Our crew will take the valve apart, give it a close inspect to narrow down the source of the problem, clean the valve and then take the necessary steps to repair it. And, in the worst-case scenario of a valve damaged beyond repair, we can guide you through the process of finding a suitable replacement.