A Guide to Hydraulic Pump Repair

What a hydraulic pump does is fairly straightforward. As its name suggests, a hydraulic pump is tasked with pumping liquids through a hydraulic system. We have experience repairing well-known hydraulic pump brands including those by Bosch Hydraulic and Lincoln Industrial.Hydraulic Pump

If your pump is failing – through problems such as loss of power or a highly visible leakage of hydraulic fluid – bring it to Rush Hydraulic. While we’re well equipped to replace hydraulic pumps or any other hydraulic parts that have taken on damage, a full-on replacement may not be necessary. That’s because our service team has expertise in hydraulic pump repair.

We’re comfortable with a variety of hydraulic pumps. There are a number of differenttypes of hydraulic pumps:

  • gear pumps
  • radial piston pumps
  • screw pumps
  • peristaltic hydraulic pumps

Of these, the gear pump is a popular choice – and one we’re very familiar with at Rush. The gear pump is a cost-effective solution that is a simpler device than other pumps. This pump creates pressure when its gear teeth mesh together. In turn, this pushes hydraulic fluid out of the pump and into the hydraulic line, which sends it into a hydraulic system.

Hydraulic pumps rely on fluid movement to transfer power from the engine to the connected hydraulic system. But this constant movement is also a cause of wear and tear. As a result, hydraulic pumps require regular repair work done on them. That’s where Rush can help you.

When we get a pump to repair we first run it through a thorough set of tests to hone in on any problem areas. Sometimes, a pump can be clearly damaged in one area, with the problem easily spotted by the human eye. But other times additional problems can become apparent only when subject to testing by a professional hydraulic pump repair team like the service crew here at Rush.

In our process, our team will carefully take apart a hydraulic pump. We then give it a full inspection and measure its components for any errors or problems created byconstant use. Remember, if you push a hydraulic pump above and beyond its specified performance limit, the service life of the pump can take a hit, and speed up the wear-and-tear process.

Our repair team uses a range of tools and equipment. And when this is matched with their expertise you’re promised a top-level professional repair of your malfunctioning or damaged hydraulic pump.

Our thorough process includes testing the pump for indicators that shed light on the pump’s performance and any problems, including its volumetric efficiency, external fluid leakage as well as its operating sound level.

And when we repair a pump, we bring it back up to its original manufacturer’s specifications for performance, or exceed those standards.

When you come to Rush’s expert team for hydraulic pump repair, you can rest assured you’re getting top-shelf service and a guaranteed level of precision for the repair job.