Hydac Canada Hydraulic Filtration Systems & Accumulators


Hydac Canada strives to improve customer productivity and profitability through innovative hydraulic solutions and high-quality products, education and support.

The company was founded in 1955 as a division of Germany-based Hydac International.

It follows a set of core business values that include responsible and honest treatment of its customers, a goal of exceeding its customer’s expectations in engineering, speed of service and value and using environmentally friendly solutions that maximum value and minimize waste. Hydac also believes its employees and managers are in an interdependent relationship with its customers to achieve excellence for all involved.

Hydac’s product line includes hydraulic systems and filtration systems, accumulators, electronic control and monitoring systems and oil analysis.


Hydac’s filter line includes hydraulic and lubrication filters. These come in a range of options from low pressure filters (100-360 psi), medium pressure filters (1000-1500 psi) and high pressure filters (3000-6000 psi).

Its products also include spin-on filters, breathers and filler/breathers, as well as element technology and all types of clogging indicators.

Hydac also has a number of fluid service products for offline filtration solutions. These include kidney loop filters, compact offline filtration units and portable filtration units, and also stainless steel and back-flush filters.


Hydac has three separate accumulator designs to ensure the accumulator matches the application, rather than the other way around.

Its accumulator line includes bladder type accumulators, diaphragm type accumulators and piston type accumulators. Hydac’s accumulator products are available at up to 15,000 psi working pressure.

The company also offers specialized options for its diaphragm and bladder accumulators for pulsation dampening, silencing and shock absorption.

Hydac also sells accessories for its accumulators. The company sells charging and gauging units, permanent gauging blocks, mounting components, safety and shut-off blocks and also thermal fuse caps.

Filtration systems

Hydac is a provider of filtration systems. It sells offline filtration systems for both single and dual stage systems, air-operated kidney loop systems and also regular kidney loop systems.

It has a series of contamination monitoring products including contamination sensors, contamination sensor modules, fluid control units, a metallic contamination sensor and an aquasensor.