Bosch Rexroth Hydraulics Systems


Bosch Rexroth sells drive and control technology to move machines and systems in any size imaginable.

Bosch is experienced in mobile applications, machinery applications and engineering, factory automation and renewable energies. This allows the company to design and developed components that are innovative. Bosch also excels in custom-made system solutions and services.

Customers of Bosch can expect quality hydraulics, electric drives and controls, pneumatics, gear technology and linear motion and assembly technology, all coming from a single source.

The company prides itself on building products that are energy efficient and safe.

Across all its technologies and applications, Bosch systemically combines productivity with energy efficiency. These principles guide the company as it comes up with new products and system solutions. This means that from the concept development phase to working with machine manufactures, Bosch keeps energy use in mind to build perfect solutions.

Bosch’s hydraulic systems and products follow this principle of energy efficiency. The company’s products are designed to generate force with exact precision when needed. By optimizing interactions between hydraulics and digital control systems, and combing these with Bosch’s technologies, energy consumption is reduced.

Intelligent and economical machine safety is also a goal of Bosch.

It stringently applies the principle that machines must not pose a hazard to those who use them. Bosch products are designed to help machine users meet their responsibilities for the protection of workers and the machine itself.

Bosch’s products are standard-compliant, and its system solutions offer functional safety on all levels, from the drive level to machine control. When Bosch thinks of safety, it takes the entire system of a machine into account.

Standard machines, components and individual systems are all manufactured to meet safety requirements. This means even if the application requires high power, precise and fast movements, safety is ensured. The company’s product line includes drive-integrated and modular hydraulic safety modules for presses, certified hydraulic valves.

Bosch’s approach reduces costs and guarantees standard-compliant safety solutions wherever their products are used.