Bosch Hydraulic Control Systems & Variable Speed Pumps


Bosch’s products include a line of hydraulic systems.

Electro-hydraulic control systems

Bosch’s line of electro-hydraulic control systems include the SYDFE1-2X pressure and flow control system. This system includes an A10VSO variable displacement axial piston pump. The SYDFE1-2X is used for external analog electronics and has a maximum operating pressure of 280 bar.

Other pressure and flow control system products in this line include internal analog and digital electronics and come in a variety of sizes, with maximum operating pressure available up to 350 bar.

There are also accessories such as pump preload valves, 3/3 proportional directional vales, external control electronics for adjustment of an axial piston pump as well as stage control systems.

Sytronix variable-speed pump systems

Bosch’s Sytronix line offers three variable-speed pressure and flow control systems. These include the SYDFEn 2X, which has an axial piston variable displacement pump and comes in sizes from 18 to 140. The 2X has a maximum operating pressure of 380 bar.

The line’s 3X model comes in sizes from 71 to 140 and also has a 380 bar limit for maximum operating pressure. The 1X is the largest model, in size between 125 and 355, and offers an optimized axial piston variable displacement pump. It has the largest maximum operating pressure of 350 bar.

Cooling lubricant systems

Bosch has a line of filtering options for cooling lubricant systems. These products include SUK slotted screen separators, TUV vacuum bowl filters and SPB gravity band filters. The line also includes HFS gravity band filters, LSF gravity band filters and StUF vacuum band filters. In addition, the VSF vacuum slotted screen fitters, MGS solenoid separators and IZF hydrocyclone extractors are also available for sale from Bosch.

A line of conveying systems is also manufactured for cooling lubricant systems. There are three products in this line: SLK slotted screen lamella drag-chain conveyors, LKF lamella drag-chain conveyors and IKF, IBF and ISF conveyors.

With such a variety of electro-hydraulic control systems, variable-speed pump systems and cooling lubricant systems, Bosch’s products can meet a variety of needs.