Bosch Axial Piston Pumps, Motors & Cylinders


Bosch Hydraulics manufactures products are tailored for mechanical and plant engineering work around the globe. They focus on making cross-technology solutions through predefined functions and integrated engineering tools that are easy to use.

They offer a range of hydraulic products including pumps, motors and cylinders.

Axial piston pumps

Bosch has a line of Axial piston pumps that come in both fix and variable options. Its fixed pumps include the Series 6 A2FO, which come in a range of sizes and provide nominal pressure up to 400 bar. This pump also has a peak pressure of up to 450 bar, and is an open circuit pump. The Series 10 A10FZO/G offers nominal pressure of up to 315 bar and peak pressure up to 350 bar. It works in both open and closed circuits.

This line’s variable pumps include the Series 10, 11 and 30 A4VSO, which has a nominal pressure of 350 bar and peak pressure of 400 bar in an open circuit. This line also has several pumps that offer similar or lower nominal and peak pressure levels for both open and closed circuits.


Bosch offers axial piston motors, external gear motors and radial piston motors. Its axial piston motors come in both fixed displacement and variable displacement models for open and closed circuits. It has three external gear motor products that provide capacity ranging from 8.0 to 45 cm cubed per rotation.

Its Hagglunds CBM radial piston motor offers 50% more torque than its predecessor and is also 50% lighter. It features full torque from zero, protection from shock loads and also four-quadrant operation in a small package.


Bosch has a line of cylinders including mill type cylinders and tie rod cylinders. Its CD single rod mill type cylinders offer nominal pressure up to 350 bar. The products offer maximum stroke ranges of 3000 mm or 6000 mm.

The tie rod cylinder line includes CD single rod cylinders, CG double rod cylinders and CS single rod cylinders with a position measuring system, along with a selection of replacement cylinders.