Markham Hydraulic Pneumatic Lubrication and Repair

The world of hydraulic, pneumatic, lubrication and filtration systems may not be a glamorous one, but it is an important one if you have a business that relies on hydraulics in some way.  Rush Hydraulic Pneumatic Inc. has been repairing and manufacturing hydraulic systems for more than 35 years, and a city the size of Markham, Ontario has certainly provided its share of customers over that time.

Markham is a city in the Greater Toronto Area with a population of more than 332,000 people.  It is spread out across 212 square km of land and over 400 companies use Markham for their head offices or headquarters.  There are also greater than 1,000 high-tech and life sciences companies in Markham, but that does nothing to diminish the need for a business like Rush Hydraulic in the area. 

With experience in such wide-ranging industries as automotive, pulp and paper, manufacturing, farming and environmental waste, it’s easy to see how Rush Hydraulic could find a place in any medium to large city.  Within these industries are machines that produce the paper you write on, food that you eat and vehicles that you drive.  And then, machines are used to take all the waste away. 

Many of these machines require fully-functioning  hydraulics systems to operate, and the technicians at Rush Hydraulic have the experience and know-how to make the difference.  With Rush Hydraulic, you can expect: