Hamilton Hydraulic Pneumatic Lubrication and Repair

Hamilton, Ontario is a port city on the west end of Lake Ontario in the region known as the Golden Horseshoe.  The census metropolitan area of Hamilton has a population of more than 720,000 and it has developed into the main cog in a large industrialized section in that part of the province.  Some of the attractions in Hamilton include the Royal Botanical Gardens, Canadian Football Hall of Fame and Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum. 

Even with all of the sights and a growing arts culture, Hamilton got to where it is through industry, most notably the steel industry.  It is often called ‘Steeltown’ because of its affiliation with the Dofasco company.  With so much in the way of industry in Hamilton, the products and services of Rush Hydraulic Pneumatic Inc. seem like a natural fit. 

Rush Hydraulic provides state of the art hydraulics and lubrication solutions for industries as diverse as automotive, mining, pulp and paper, manufacturing and environmental waste.  In fact, they are the leading manufacturer and distributor in the entire province when it comes to hydraulic, pneumatic, lubrication and filtration systems. 

Rush Hydraulic has been in operation since 1977, and during that time has placed itself at the forefront of the industry. In-house troubleshooting, manufacturing, repair and lab testing ensures every customer in every industry gets the highest quality results.  The company designs and creates:

No matter how big the city of Hamilton gets, the experts at Rush Hydraulic Pneumatic Inc. will be there to help.